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If you want to take part in an exciting tour in Nepal, but you don't know how to start - check the vast selection of tours offered by Asian Trekking. 

Experienced climbers usually dream of ascending Mount Everest, but one of the most difficult to summit is the tenth highest mountain in the mountain range. Deciding on Annapurna expedition mountaineers have to bear in mind that they have to be exceptionally well-prepared for the venture and the whole enterprise should be organized in the most careful way. There is no room for mistakes so only the most experienced operating company can prepare and conduct it.

The best and the most experienced is Asian Trekking from webpage. It was established in 1982 and since that time it has been catering to all climbers needs taking care for their basic needs as food, accommodation and medical care as well as providing them with all other legal, administrative and support services. The price for them is competitive taking into account prices of western companies who are not allowed to operate independently.

Age: 09-05-2020

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